Google Ad-words and PPC

Google AdWords is a pay per click ppc so every time somebody clicks on your ad that sends them to your website Will cost you money.

This can be a fast and easy way to get customers and can quite easily get you booked out within a month that is up to you to do a good enough job to keep those as regular customers of course this could have cost you $500 or so and with no lasting benefit when you switch it off, in fact it’s almost the opposite to SEO.

Google AdWords will get you customers right now, you pay now, you get to work now, SEO you pay now and get the customers in three months to a year but then the costs stops and you reap the reward, so ideally in a perfect world you should be doing both.

In a situation like a cleaning business Google AdWords is probably your best option because what you want is it about 10 regular customers a weak and then you have a completely full week you can then turn off your Google AdWords knowing you can turn them back on again if you need to pick up another 1 or 2 customers that you lose all the way.

We can completely look after your Google AdWords campaign make all the correct decisions for you please call us to get an idea of what your monthly budget should be for your business.

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