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Remember the Yellow Pages

You remember the Yellow Pages? Remember what was like to miss putting an add in the Yellow Pages? that’s right disaster. Remember all the extra work you got with a bigger add in the Yellow Pages? Search engines such as Google & Bing are the new Yellow Pages and being on page one of the search results is like a big add in the Yellow Pages, and with our online marketing we can get you there.

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No Contracts

We believe we should earn your loyalty, if we can’t achieve results within our time frame then you should be free to go to another agency. We will tell you what to expect and how long for it to happen, we will tell the truth

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The Holy Grail

Google is the biggest search engine by far and page 1 is the holy grail, 70% of Internet traffic comes from page 1 of Google and number one on page 1 about 30% of that traffic, Search results through organic SEO is 8 times more likely to be viewed than paid adds! It is truly amazing how many SEO companies use under-performing and cheap SEO software, we only use the best and it is not cheap!

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Not Expensive

We are not as expensive as you might think, we try to save you money where ever possible our link building services start from only $395.00pm

Is your SEO or marketing company a scam?…. Probably yes!


Firstly, let me apologise in advance to the all too few talented SEO’s out there but the vast majority give us a bad rep.

Before I got my first client, I had three job interviews with different SEO marketing companies and I was quite shocked at questions they were asking me, so shocked I didn’t know how to answer some, by the last interview I came to realise that these companies use their best guess in SEO, that’s right “GUESS”

When I found out how much money per month they were sending to this so-called professional SEO marketing company it took my breath away but when they said they were getting only three backlinks a month I was gobsmacked and then I started getting angry.

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Because of my history in the photographic industry they took a chance on me, It did not take long after I started to find everything was half done which made since they use cheap or free software to analyse, since then I have increased web visits by 95% and online sales by 74%

If your SEO or marketing company is not providing you good results you should look around, do-not remain loyal, if they use free or cheap software like SEMrush or screaming frog, run for the hills (sorry keeping the software I use a big secret)

If you have any doubt that what I’m saying just google “is SEO a scam”

I, like most businessmen I guess, I did not realise what was involved to make a successful website, or the power it has to increase sales at store level……..
Mark Alderson

Chairman , Camera House

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Watch your business morph into success with one of Australia’s 
most successful online marketing agencies

Search engine optimisation is not achieved with a static formula approach (That is so year 2000) it’s driven by knowledge and experience and requires ongoing adaption to keep up with the latest updates to the Google algorithm. We continually invest into research and development to ensure we get you on the first page of Google, this will make your voice heard above the noise. You can’t afford not to be there especially when your competition already is.

SEO Services

SEO has changed a bit these days and offering best online marketing and SEO services with guarantee’s is not possible for most of the SEO companies but We promise you to bring your website on top in search results for most of the targeted keywords because we know very well what works in SEO today.

Social Media Services

Social media optimization has become a great source to join hands with millions of internet users worldwide and convey business message to them. We research each project sincerely and then design an unbeatable social media optimization plan for each of our clients.

Link Building Services

We achieved remarkable success in link building. Whether you need contextual links, high authority guest blog links or one way links, you can contact us. We make sure that you will get only high quality links from us that will help you generate huge traffic and higher rankings.

Online Blogging Services

Guest blogging stands for writing and publishing a blog on someone else’s website, without help of guest blogging, it is impossible to rank higher in search results. We offer you high quality guest blogging services that help you in getting higher search engine rankings as well as huge traffic to your website.

PPC Marketing Management

Do you need serious visitors on your website to grow in your business? We are an expert PPC management that is always ready to help your business. Our team extends you support and delivers you better results for your business.

Reputation Management

In the 21st century online anonymity makes it easy for hostile customers, dissatisfied employees and competitors to try to hurt your business, online marketing or yourself by blogging or posting defamatory information in other websites, we specialise in online reputation repair.

It all starts with a strategy!

Online Marketing is combining technical expertise with marketing know-how and that isn’t an easy job in this ever changing environment, but that’s what we do. Our job is to help you make sense of it and tell you what you should be doing to grow your business. Online marketing moves at the speed of light. To keep up to date you need a strong motivation with the passion to think creatively, act independently, and be relentlessly learning new things.

Step 1 of marketing is understanding what you want and your customers or audience which can be challenging when you’re dealing with such a diverse audience and were that audience can be found.

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